Business Owner

Wondering how sharing your WiFi on Instabridge can help you attract more customers?

Some of your potential customers are using Instabridge to decide on which business to go to.

Let’s say they are going for lunch or to get a quick haircut while needing to get online to do something on their smartphone.

Based on Instabridge’s maps showing them where they can find free WiFi nearby, they then make their purchase decision.


I want to add my WiFi to Instabridge!

That’s easy 😉

Connect your Android, iPhone or tablet to your WiFi;

Download the Instabridge app from Google Play or App Store;

Click on Add WiFi via Instabridge and follow the steps.


I do NOT want my WiFi on Instabridge despite the fact that it can attract new clients to my business!

If you want to remove your WiFi from Instabridge, simply e-mail [email protected] so we can grant your wish!

If you change your mind – getting back on Instabridge later is easy 🙂 Just download our app and follow the steps above


Quarterly Report Q4 2017 (ENG) BR-1