Business Owner

How can sharing my WiFi on Instabridge can help me attract more customers?

Some of your potential customers are using Instabridge to decide which business to go to

Let’s say they are going for lunch or to get a quick haircut while needing to get online to do something on their smartphone.

Instabridge’s maps, which show them where they can find free WiFi nearby, guides them right to you.


Is there a fee to be on the app?

Nope! Having your wifi available through Instabridge is totally free, with no junk mail or random offers. Just share your wifi and attract new customers!


I want to add my WiFi to Instabridge!

That’s easy 😉

Connect your Android, iPhone or tablet to your WiFi;

Download the Instabridge app from Google Play or App Store;

Click on Add WiFi via Instabridge and follow the steps.


I do NOT want my WiFi on Instabridge despite the fact that it can attract new clients to my business!

If you want to remove your WiFi from Instabridge, please fill in this form: Report WiFi.

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