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Why can’t I find a WiFi hotspot near me?

The WiFi you see on Instabridge have been added by our users. This is why not all WiFi are added.

On Android

To see all WiFi nearby, open the drawer by tapping the top left icon and go to Connect to WiFi. Here you can see all WiFis by tapping Other WiFi here.
To add a WiFi, go to Other WiFi here (as described above) and tap on the “+” next to the WiFi you want to add.

On iOS

To see which WiFi you are currently able to connect to, open your iOS Settings and choose Wi-Fi.
Any WiFi with the text “Connect with Instabridge” you should be able to connect to. If there is no WiFi to connect to but you would like to add a WiFi, start by connecting to the Wi-Fi you want to add, then open the Instabridge app and tap of Add Wi-Fi.