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What is Instabridge Lite?

Instabridge Lite is a lighter version of our product. It can be used in a browser, on your smartphone, tablet or computer. With the Instabridge Lite WiFi Finder search tool, you are always able to find out where you can connect to WiFi nearby.

Instarbidge Lite - English version FAQ

You have 3 ways to find a WiFi:

  1. Click the “Find Free WiFi Nearby” button; based on your current location, you will get the nearest and best WiFi nearby you;
  2. Enter a location for which you want to find Free WiFi nearby in the search box; tap ‘enter’;
  3. Click the link “List all countries” to select the desired country/city you wish to find WiFi in.

Instabridge Lite will first display WiFi that does not require any password, and secondly, WiFi that does require a password but available in the Instabridge app.


We are thrilled to have Instabridge Lite part of the Free Basics services provided by Facebook through its project

Free Basics - by Facebook

“With millions of free WiFi spots listed in Instabridge Lite, you will always find the perfect one to surf the web and keep you online for free”


Instabridge Lite exists in English, Spanish & Portuguese