What is an eSIM and How Does it Work?

Published Jan 24, 2023 • 3 min reading time

If you’re in the market for a new phone or tablet, you may have come across the term “eSIM” and wondered what it is. In this blog post, we’ll explain what an eSIM is and how it works, and why it could be a great option for you.

What is an eSIM?
An eSIM, or Embedded SIM, is a type of SIM card that is embedded directly into your device, rather than being a physical card that can be swapped out. This allows for more flexibility and convenience in switching between different service providers, as you can simply download a new profile onto your eSIM without having to physically change the SIM card.

How Does it Work?
An eSIM works in the same way as a physical SIM card, it stores your mobile service provider’s information, such as your phone number and plan details. The main difference is that an eSIM is embedded directly into your device and can be reprogrammed to work with different service providers and plans via a process called “over the air” (OTA) provisioning.

  1. First, make sure your device is eSIM-compatible. Many newer smartphones, such as the iPhone XR and later, the Google Pixel 3 and later, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 and later, support eSIMs.
  2. Next, find a service provider that offers eSIM plans and download the plan onto your device. This can typically be done through the device’s settings or by scanning a QR code provided by the service provider.
  3. Once the plan is downloaded, go to the “Cellular & SIM” settings on your device and select “Add Cellular Plan.”
  4. Use your device’s camera to scan the QR code provided by the service provider, or enter the plan’s details manually.
  5. Wait for the plan to activate, which may take a few minutes. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to start using your device with the new eSIM.

Why choose Instabridge’s eSIM app?
This is where Instabridge comes in. Our eSIM app is the perfect solution for travelers, as it allows you to easily switch between different service providers and plans in different countries, ensuring that you always have the best coverage and deals. Our app also includes a feature for automatically switching to a local service provider when you arrive in a new country, saving you the hassle of having to manually switch plans. Additionally, Instabridge’s eSIM app provides a unique feature of providing you with free WiFi connections as well as data. This makes our app ideal for travelers looking for an affordable and reliable way to stay connected while abroad.

eSIMs are a flexible and convenient option for those who frequently travel or want to easily switch between service providers and plans. And with Instabridge’s eSIM app, you can make the most of this technology and stay connected while traveling. So why wait? Download Instabridge’s eSIM app today and enjoy the convenience of an eSIM on your next trip.

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