How to Use an eSIM on Your Smartphone

Published Jan 24, 2023 • 2 min reading time

Are you tired of constantly switching SIM cards when traveling abroad? Look no further than the eSIM, the latest innovation in mobile technology. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use an eSIM on your smartphone and make the most of this technology.

What is an eSIM?
An eSIM, or Embedded SIM, is a type of SIM card that is embedded directly into your device, rather than being a physical card that can be swapped out. This allows for more flexibility and convenience in switching between different service providers, as you can simply download a new profile onto your eSIM without having to physically change the SIM card.

How to use an eSIM on your smartphone?

  1. First, make sure your device is eSIM-compatible. Many newer smartphones support eSIMs.
  2. Next, find a service provider that offers eSIM plans and download the plan onto your device. This can typically be done through the device’s settings or by scanning a QR code provided by the service provider.
  3. Once the plan is downloaded, go to the “Cellular & SIM” settings on your device and select “Add Cellular Plan.”
  4. Use your device’s camera to scan the QR code provided by the service provider, or enter the plan’s details manually.
  5. Wait for the plan to activate, which may take a few minutes. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to start using your device with the new eSIM.

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