Instabridge Help Center

How does Instabridge work?

Instabridge helps its users find and connect to free WiFi. Anyone is welcome to join the community and start sharing WiFis to the platform.

Through the map inside the app you are able to locate free WiFi near you, get directions on how to find them, and get information on which WiFi are recommended, fast and likely to work.

Once you are within reach of one of the WiFi added to Instabridge the app will help connect you.

On Android

To connect to a WiFi through Instabridge you first need to make sure you are close enough to have the WiFi in range. When the WiFi is in range, it’s marked with a CONNECT button on the WiFi. Press the CONNECT button to try to connect. If the connection fails try to get closer to the WiFi and try again.

On iOS

You connect by opening your iPhone Settings, choosing “Wi-Fi” and clicking on any WiFi with the text “Connect with Instabridge.” In order to connect to the WiFi you need to be within reach of the WiFi router’s signal, and the quality and reach of the router will vary from place to place.