Here are some frequently asked questions.

How do I connect to a WiFi?

On Android

Open the Instabridge app. The first window you will see is a list of WiFis. Any WiFi with a connection icon is close enough to connect. Tap the connection icon to connect.

If there are no WiFis close enough, tap the walking icon to get directions to that WiFi.

If you have been automatically connected it will be show in the bottom bar, as “Connected to internet.”

On iOS

Open Settings and choose Wi-Fi. If you are within reach of a Wi-Fi added to Instabridge, it will say “Connect with Instabridge” under that Wi-Fi. Click on that Wi-Fi to get connected.

If you have no Wi-Fi added to Instabridge within reach, open the Instabridge app and use the map to find the nearest Wi-Fi.

Why aren’t all WiFis that I see in my native WiFi manager listed on Instabridge?

On Android

The WiFi you see on Instabridge have been added by our users. This is why not all WiFi are added.

To see all WiFis nearby, open the drawer by tapping the top left icon and go to Connect to WiFi. Here you can see all WiFis by tapping Other WiFi here.

To add a WiFi, go to Other WiFi here (as described above) and tap on the “+” next to the WiFi you want to add.

On iOS

The Wi-Fis you see on Instabridge have been added by our users. This is why not all Wi-Fis are added.

To add a Wi-Fi open Settings and choose Wi-Fi. Connect to the Wi-Fi you want to add. Open Instabridge and tap of Add Wi-Fi.

Why can’t I connect to my neighbor’s WiFi?

If your neighbor has not added his WiFi as a “public WiFi” (=shared for anyone to use) on Instabridge, you cannot access that WiFi. Instabridge is not a hacking app – we are a WiFi sharing community and it’s our users who decide which WiFis to share with anyone.

How do I add a WiFi hotspot to Instabridge?

To add a WiFi to Instabridge, all you need to do next time you’re at a cafe, bar, library, restaurant, mall, etc, where the WiFi has not yet been added to Instabridge, is to;

On Android

1- open the Instabridge app, tap the top left menu icon, and go to Connect to WiFi
2- choose Other WiFi here
3- tap on the “+” next to the WiFi you want to add
4- add the password

On iOS

1- open Settings and choose Wi-Fi
2- connect to the Wi-Fi you want to add
3- open the Instabridge app and tap of Add Wi-Fi

And the WiFi has been added for the community to find and use 🙂

Why is my data usage being tracked incorrectly?

We only read data from SIM1 for the moment. If your phone has two slots for SIM-cards, make sure you have the card with your mobile data in slot 1.

How can I delete my account?.

Click here to send an email to delete your account.