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How do I edit a WiFi on Instabridge?

Change password, edit venue, change position on the map, re-do speed test

You can currently only edit password and venue, as well as re-doing speed tests on Instabridge. If you are the one who added the WiFi in the first place you can access and edit the WiFi through your profile. If it is a WiFi that you did not add, you can edit the WiFi when you are connected to it and by opening the Instabridge app and choosing that WiFi.

If you want to change position on the map of a WiFi and the correct venue has already been set, you will not be able to change position on the map since the position of the venue comes from a third party. However, if you find a WiFi with the wrong location on the map we would love to hear from you. Please take a screen shot showing the WiFi on the map, and where it is supposed to be. Easiest is to have your location settings turned on, and stand where the WiFi actually is located, so we can see your position on the map in relation to where the WiFi is currently shown on the map. If you take the time to do this we would like to start by thanking you for the help and let you know you can report a WiFi with the incorrect position on the map either by e-mailing or via our in-app-support-chat.