What happens when I login with my phone number?

We use your address book retrieve your list of friends, so you can select people who you’d like to share wifi with. This is optional, but essential to getting the most out of Instabridge.

We never post anything on your wall without your consent, and we cannot see or store your Facebook password.

Who can use wifi networks I share through Instabridge?

Only people you decide to share with. Who your share with is up to you.

What kind of encryption does Instabridge use?

Instabridge uses industry standard encryption for all transmissions. Wifi credentials are stored in encrypted form on our servers.

For advanced users:

All connections are over SSL, and wifi credentials on our servers are encrypted with AES-256. The decryption key is not stored in the same database as the passwords. A common question is why the passwords are encrypted rather than hashed, and the simple answer is that you cannot connect to a network with a hashed password.

Can my people I share with see my wifi password?

Your password is stored on your friends’ devices (otherwise they wouldn’t be able to connect to your wifi), but it’s never visible to them during normal application usage.

Giving someone access to your wifi network through Instabridge is more secure than handing them the password on a piece of paper, but the password can be retrieved by someone with technical knowledge. Therefore you should only share wifiwith people you trust.

For advanced users:

In order to retrieve the password from an Instabridge friend, you need to have a rooted phone, and be within range of the network (or fake being so, which requires the hotspot BSSID). It could also be retrieved by reverse engineering the encryption algorithm.

Or you could just ask them for it, which, in addition to being easier, has the advantage of not breaching our ToS or the law.


How does revoking access work?

When you revoke access for a friend, the password to your Wi-Fi network is removed from her device. We cannot guarantee that she doesn’t retain a copy (see previous question), but doing so requires foresight, technical knowledge, and active effort on her part.

If you want to be certain that the person you revoked access for can no longer access your network, you can change the password on your router. Instabridge will sync the new password to all your devices and remaining friends.


How important is having a good wifi password?

Using a program that tries many different passwords is a common way that attackers gain unauthorized access to other people’s wifi networks, so having a simple password makes your network vulnerable to attack.

A strong wifi password should contain at least 15 random characters, but such passwords are rare, mainly because they are a hassle to remember and hand out to friends and visitors.

With Instabridge you don’t have to make this trade-off. You can have strong passwords that at the same time are easy to hand out to others.

For advanced users:

Long and complex passwords don’t help much if your network uses an insecure protocol like WEP or WPA/WPA2-PSK with WPS. Thus the first step towards network security, with or without Instabridge, should be to make sure you run WPA/WPA2-PSK, and that WPS is disabled (which often requires a firmware upgrade).